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  • Why Renewable Energy?

    Most importantly, it is FREE. Thanks to Mother Nature both Wind and Solar power resources are available to us at free of charge. Please also see our Products section for our Solar Energy related product lines.

  • Who should consider investing in wind energy?

    There are wide variety of Wind Energy applications. Northel-USA Wind Turbines are suitable for the following:

  • How does a wind turbine produce electricity?

    Our wind turbines have three blades and always face directly into the wind via the “Wind Direction Sensor” and it is automatically controlled by the proprietary software. The principal is very simple. The wind turns the blades round which this spins the main shaft of the electric generator motor. The motor converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  • What size turbine is suitable for my application?

    This depends on your electricity consumption and your Green Energy goals. We manufacture wide variety of  wind turbines and combination of wind & solar hybrid systems which are ideal for on-site power generation. Your individual site specific factors such as location, wind speed and local landscape will help us determine the best size turbine for your application. Please Contact Us to help you with your selection.

  • Is my site windy enough?

    The actual wind speed of any site depends on the local terrain characteristics and
    any nearby obstructions such as hills, trees or other structures. There are many sources of statistical data to determine if your site is windy enough:

  • Do I need to collect wind data for my site?

    For most site, the statistical data that is available is sufficent enough to make the determination for small wind turbines. However, if you are considering installing a medium to large scale wind turbine, we highly recommend collecting wind data before purchasing a system to ensure that your site has a good wind resource. Please Contact Us to help you with your determination.

  • What type of towers are available for the wind turbine applications?

    There are wide variety of tower types and heights which are avaliable. The tower  type and height selection criteria will depend on the local terrain characteristics and any nearby obstructions such as hills, trees or other structures. All tower types have advantages and disadvatanges.

    • Guyed Tilt-up Towers
    • Guy-less Tilt-up Towers
    • Guyed Lattice / Guyed Truss Towers
    • Self-Supporting Lattice / Free-Standing Truss Towers
    • Self-Supporting Monopole Towers

    As the nature’s rule, higher you go, faster is the wind speed. Please Contact Us to help you determine the best suitable tower type and height for your site.

  • How much space is required for a wind turbine?

    The space requirement depends on the type of tower chosen. For example, a Self-Supporting Lattice or Self-Supporting Monopole Tower takes less space compare to the others. However, since they can’t be tilted, the maintenance is more difficult and costly. As indicated in Question # 7, All tower types have advantages and disadvatanges. Please Contact Us to help you determine the best suitable tower type and height for your site.

  • Do I need planning permissions and / or building permits?

    This strictly depends on your site location (i.e. Rural vs. Residential). In any case, we highly recommend that you should always consult with your local planning officials to determine requirements for planning permissions and /or building permits.

  • What is my Grid Connection options?

    There are three types of grid connection options:

    • Grid-Connected Wind Turbine Systems Without Battery Back-Up: Grid-Connected wind turbine systems interface directly with the electric utility grid via an inverter which is included with our grid-connected wind turbines. If the wind is blowing and the electricity produced by your wind turbine is sufficient enough for your energy consumption, you will be using the electricity produced by your wind turbine without purchasing any electricity from your electric utility provider. And, if your electricity consumption is lower than the electricity produced by wind turbine, you can either sell the excess electricity back to the grid or bank Kilowatt Hour credits which can be applied to your future electric consumption via “Net Metering” concept. Please see Question # 11: What is the “Net Metering” concept?

    • Grid-Connected Wind Turbine Systems With Battery Back-Up: The concept is as same as above. Except, if the wind is not blowing and if the electric grid is down for some reason or another, then the Battery Back-Up System starts supplying your electricity consumption.  The Battery Back-Up Systems are costly and can only supply energy for a few hours. This is a preferred choice in rural applications if a generator is not available. Please see Question # 11: What is the “Net Metering” concept?

    • Off-Grid Wind Turbine Systems With Battery Back-Up: This is a preferred method if the grid is not available at all and / or supplemented by a generator. It is highly suitable for very remote locations such as Mountain Homes, Hunting Cabins, etc...
  • What is the “Net Metering” concept?

    Due to pollution and conservation requirements, the utility companies are forced by legislation to produce and use Green Renewable Energy. This means the certain percentage of the energy is produced by them must come from a green energy source and this percentage is increasing every year. Therefore, if your wind turbine is producing excess electricity, you have the option to sell it back to your utility company or bank Kilowatt Hour credits which can be applied to your future electric consumption. Please check with your local utility provider to see which way is more advantageous for you.

  • Can I use my existing meter for Net Metering?

    Nowadays most installed meters are capable of Net Metering. If your existing meter is not capable of Net Metering, your local utility provider will replace it for free of charge.

  • Do I need to change any of the wiring?

    No. Any wind turbine can be easily retrofitted to virtually any site application without the need to change any wiring.

  • What kind of State and Federal level incentives are available for me?

    There are many State and Federal level incentives are available to you both for Solar and Wind related projects that you might be considering. Here is the Summary level of incentives available to you:

    Please Contact Us to help you determine which level of incentives are applicable to your installation site.

  • How do I determine my Payback period or ROI – Return On Investment?




    ROI = [(Total Cost of Installation – State and Federal Grants & Incentives) - MACRS Depreciation] / Average Monthly Electric Bill

    As you can see, the formula for ROI is very simple. Subtract the total of all the applicable grants and incentives at state and federal level from the total cost of the installation. Then, subtract the MACRS Depreciation amount of your wind turbine from the remaining amount. Then, divide it by your monthly electric bill.

    In most cases, our experience show the average ROI is 3 – 5 years which is fantastic. Please Contact Us, we would be happy to help you to chose the best suitable system for your site and help you calculate your ROI.




  • Are wind turbines noisy?

    No. All of our wind turbines have been designed to be very quiet. Our average noise level is   < 60 Decibels @ 100 Meters / 300 Feet.

  • Do wind turbines affect radar systems or interfere with TV reception?

    No. Small to medium size wind turbines are unlikely to have any detrimental effects on radar systems, TV or cell phone receptions.

  • Will the wind turbine have a 'flicker' effect from the turbine blades?

    No.  The coatings used on our turbines have been selected to minimise reflection.

  • What are your wind turbines made of?

    Our wind turbines and towers are made of galvanized steel and other alloys and they don’t rust easily for a long time. The blades are made of carbon-fiber reinforced-epoxy. Please see our Products section for detailed technical specification.

  • Will my wind turbine effect birds or bats?

    No. There are several studies done by independent experts which indicate that the birds and bats are unlikely to be damaged by the moving blades of wind turbines. Simply, they are smarter than we think they are.

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